December 17, 2010

"Año Viejo" Digital Catharsis

Zemoga, a digital innovation agency in Colombia and Usa, created this site with a latin american tradition, (specially strong in Colombia and Ecuador) that consist in making a rag doll with old clothes and things, to burn it on new year's eve as a representation of leaving behind the past and all those things we didn't like about the last year, is a a symbolic way to start new keeping only the good things and burning the bad ones. In this case you can make it all in a virtual way, customising your own "año viejo" and putting inside all the regrets, bad moments, things you don't want to repeat to be digitally burned at midnight of new year's eve, also you can put inside your wishes, hopes and good wills for the coming year. Besides being very entertaining it makes you think on your purposes for the future and things of the past you can avoid or make better. Enjoy it!

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